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研究分野及び内容 Fields Of R&D

Welding metallurgy & environmentally friendly materials research
Welding Metallurgy Research
  • Cryogenic toughness and CTOD characteristics
  • Welding technology and optimized materials for LNG tanks
  • -196℃ cryogenic STS metallurgical properties
  • Welding material for high-alloy power generation boiler
  • Research on high/low temperature crack generation factors
  • Defect and fracture damage study
Development of eco-friendly welding materials
  • Fume generation factor analysis and low fume welding material
  • Slag-free high efficiency MCW materials
  • Welding technology for low spatter generation
  • Welding material for nuclear waste CASK container
  • Welding material for non-preheating high strength-high toughness welding material
  • Minimum generation of SAW Flux fine powder and improved recovery rate
Industry-University Collaboration
  • Porosity-free galvanized steel welding material
  • Welding material for corrosion-resistant sulfuric acid complex corrosion steel
  • Welding material for bulletproof and wear resistant steel
  • Fitting A860-70 SAW welding material
Welding technique, production technology & new material research
Development of high efficiency-performance welding material
  • High-strength EGW and ESW welding technology
  • Super TIG "C-type" filler development and welding automation
  • Welding material for super-strength automotive steel plate
  • High-alloy surface hardening welding material
  • Study of High strength & toughness on Self-shield FCAW
  • Hybrid welding material for high speed welding
Research on production technology and product surface control
  • Study of Wire surface properties (Chemical / electroplating, oxide coating, electrical conductivity etc)
  • Bright annealed heat treatment, surface roughness and residue control technology
  • Development of surface coating control technology and coating additives
  • Kink-free high-capacity packaging technology and eco-friendly Pack research
  • Research on raw material properties such as flux, strip, wire rod and so on
  • New material and wire processing technology
New material-new technology development
  • 3D WAAM welding material and build-up technology
  • Processing Lab. Optimization welding parameter research
  • High-strength aluminum and non-ferrous metals
  • Development of high purity Ti, Ti-6Al-4V alloy powder
Joint technical cooperation with main customers
Technical Cooperation
  • Daewoo Shipbuilding, Samsung Heavy Industries, Doosan etc.
  • POSCO, Komatsu, Hyundai Rotem, CS Wind, etc.
  • Fronius, Yaskawa, OTC etc.
National projects and industry-university cooperation
  • KIST, Busan National University, Dong-A University etc.
  • EWI, ATC etc.